Killer Bass
Number of Members 15
Highest Ranking ♂ Member Dj, 1st place
Highest Ranking ♀ Member Courtney, 12th place
Lowest Ranking ♂ Member Sam, 44th place
Lowest Ranking ♀ Member Eva, 41st place
Advanced to Action 9 (10 with Eva)
Advanced to World Tour 10 (12 with Alejandro and Trent)
Advanced to All-Stars 6
Advanced to Pahkitew 4

The Killer Bass are a team on Total Drama Island Do Over. Their team color is red and their mascot is a bass. The team was formed in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1 and consisted of Alejandro, B, Zoey, Charlotte, Cody, Dawn, Dj, Eva, Ezekiel, Gwen, Lindsay, Sadie, Sam, Scott, and Trent. In Paintball Deer Hunter, Alejandro and Zoey left the team and were exchanged for Courtney and Harold. The team was dismissed at the merge in Brunch Of Disgustingness. The remaining members at the time the team was dismissed were B, Charlotte, Cody, Courtney, Dj, Gwen, and Trent.

Assigned in Not So Happy Campers Part 2

After team swap in Paintball Deer Hunter

After the Merge in No Pain, No Game

Other Teams in Total Drama Island Do OverEdit

Killer Bass teammates
Alejandro | B | Charlotte | Cody | Courtney | Dawn | Dj | Eva | Ezekiel | Gwen | Harold | Lindsay | Sadie | Sam | Scott | Trent | Zoey

Campers EliminatedEdit

Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Sam Male 44th 15th The Big Sleep Sam underwent video game withdrawal when B accidentally short-circuited his video game. Sam began to malfunction himself. His nature quickly became noticed by his team and was eliminated before going completely nuts.
Eva Female 41st 14th Dodgebrawl Eva was always considered bossy and scary. But after her team lost at dodgeball, she was furious. In her rage, she destroyed the entire dodgeball court. Her terrified team quickly voted her off.
Sadie Female 38th 13th The Sucky Outdoors Sadie and Katie got mixed up with different teams and attracted all sorts of chaos to everyone. Sadie brought a bear to the Rabid Ducks's campgrounds. She overall, was the only one to not make it back in time to win for her team. Her team voted her off.
Scott Male 37th 12th Phobia Factor Scott had been throwing the past challenges or at least attempting too. He made the mistake of throwing the challenge in a manner that could have been noticed by anyone. Dawn noticed this and reported him to the team. They all thought about it and realized that she was right. Scott was quickly taken out.
Lindsay Female 34th 11th Up The Creek Lindsay didn't paddle for her team. Lindsay also got some of her team stuck in quicksand and burned one of their canoes in a bonfire. Her team believed that Lindsay was holding them back and ruining their progress. So they voted her off.
Harold Male RETURNS RETURNS Paintball Deer Hunter Harold just joined the new team. After they had a humiliating loss, they blamed their team's newbies. Courtney was more useful AND Alejandro convinced the guys that Harold's haiku would distract all of the ladies. The team voted him out. 
Ezekiel Male 30th 10th If You Can't Take The Heat... Ezekiel berated Charlotte with sexist comments during the cooking challenge. He later upset every other girl and eventually became too hated for his team. The girls voted him out.
Dawn Female 24th 9th X-Treme Torture Dawn had spent all of her time around B trying to dig into his aura and figure him out. B was simply too overprotective of himself that he told his teammates to vote her off. Because he never talks, and he told them too, they did.
B Male 20th 8th No Pain, No Game B's old teammates agreed that if B could talk, then he must be hiding other aspects as well. So they voted. Noah and Robert were supposed to go. But after they played idols for immunity, B was one of the unlucky two who had the most votes besides them.
Trent Male 17th 7th Search And Do Not Destroy Trent snuck onto Robert's yacht for his key in the challenge and was caught sneaking off by Robert. Robert was so enraged that at the bonfire, when everybody else voted for Robert, Robert voted for Trent. Thus, Trent was the second to go.
Gwen Female 16th 6th Hide And Be Sneaky After Alejandro set up Gwen so she appeared to be kissing Trent, Charlotte, in a furious rage, confronted Gwen which led to a brawl. Not wanting this much violence, the remaining campers voted the two off.
Charlotte Female 15th 5th Hide And Be Sneaky After Alejandro set up Gwen so she appeared to be kissing Trent, Charlotte, in a furious rage, confronted Gwen which led to a brawl. Not wanting this much violence, the remaining campers voted the two off.
Courtney Female 12th 4th Hook, Line, And Screamer Unaware that Courtney had quit Alejandro's alliance, the other campers took their chances at voting her out when she was vulnerable. Everyone wanted revenge for what Alejandro's alliance did.
Cody Male 10th 3rd Wawanakwa Gone Wild Zoey won the challenge and got to select who to eliminate, and she picked Cody, as Alejandro had manipulated her into believing that Cody was using her.
Harold Male 8th 2nd Trial By Tri-Armed Triathlon The cast had to choose between Jo and Will or Harold and Leshawna to eliminate. Ultimately, everyone preferred Will, and Harold had already been eliminated.
Dj Male 1st 1st The Very Last Episode, Really Dj was afraid and tucked himself into a ball, thus, speeding past the finish line and winning the season.
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