Killer Grips
Number of Members 12
Highest Ranking ♂ Member Harold, 1st
Highest Ranking ♀ Member Anne Maria, 7th
Lowest Ranking ♂ Member Owen, 22nd
Lowest Ranking ♀ Member Abigail, 21st
Advanced to World Tour 6 (7 with Trent)
Advanced to All-Stars 5
Advanced to Pahkitew 4

The Killer Grips are a team on Total Drama Action Do Over. Their team color is red and their mascot is a clenched fist. The team was formed in Riot On Set and consisted of Bridgette, Abigail, Anne Maria, Izzy, Vanessa, Dj, Owen, Tyler, Harold, Noah, Brick, and Trent. The team captain was Bridgette all the way through the team's existence. The team was dismissed at the merge in Dial M For Merger. The remaining members at the time the team was dismissed were Harold, Bridgette, Vanessa, Anne Maria and Izzy.

Assigned in Riot On Set

Merged in Dial M For Merger

Other Teams in Total Drama Action Do OverEdit

Killer Grips teammates
Abigail | Anne Maria | Brick | Bridgette | Dj | Harold | Izzy | Noah | Owen | Tyler | Vanessa

Campers EliminatedEdit

Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Owen Male 12th 22nd The Chefshank Redemption Owen's farts were too much for his team.
Abigail Female 11th 21st One Flu Over The Cuckoos The entire team was still sick from the hospital challenge. Their various sicknesses interfered with their voting. Abigail was accidentally voted off.
Noah Male 10th 20th The Sand Witch Project When Noah lost the challenge because he was tricked into believing Abigail had returned, Noah threw a fit of rage which spooked his team into voting him off.
Dj Male 9th 18th Buns Of Steel Dj's mama had become too concerned for Dj's health and safety after the disaster challenge nearly killed everyone. So Mama Dj, for Dj's safety, removed him from the game.
Trent Male 8th 15th Oceans 13...Now 14 Trent was placed into a situation where he was in charge of the team. He was lazy due to believing Eva would ruin her own team's chances at winning. In the end, after Harold gave Vanessa his immunity idol, the votes for Trent counted.
Brick Male RETURNS RETURNS One Million Bucks B.C. His team was under Vanessa's control, and Vanessa didn't approve of his chivalry and how it interfered with challenges.
Tyler Male 7th 14th Million Dollar Babies Tyler's uselessness became noticed by his team when Harold challenge him in sports and won.
Izzy Female 6th 13th Dial M For Merger Izzy's sudden urge to want to blow the cast to smithereens became too much of a hazard.
Brick Male 5th 10th Get A Clue Brick was disqualified when it was discovered that Chris made an illegal alliance with him to retaliate against Chef's alliance with Shin.
Bridgette Female 4th 9th Rock N' Rule After Shin faced elimination, Vanessa and Justin convinced everyone that Bridgette could possibly become the season's best player by pure determination. They voted her off before that could happen.
Vanessa Female 3rd 8th Love At First Fight After being abducted by Heather and Sierra, Vanessa was trapped in a warehouse. After being freed, she requested to immediately leave the show.
Anne Maria Female 2nd 7th Love At First Fight It all came down to a popularity contest. Nobody really liked Anne Maria.
Harold Male 1st 1st/2nd The Aftermath V Harold ultimately lost when Dawn proved that she knew everyone better than he did, thus getting on more people's good side for the ultimate vote.
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