Rabid Ducks
Number of Members 17
Highest Ranking ♂ Member Alejandro, 3rd place
Highest Ranking ♀ Member Abigail, 5th place
Lowest Ranking ♂ Member Tyler, 40th place
Lowest Ranking ♀ Member Staci, 45th place
Advanced to Action 10 (11 with Heather)
Advanced to World Tour 9 (10 with Alejandro)
Advanced to All-Stars 10
Advanced to Pahkitew 4

The Rabid Ducks is a team on Total Drama Island Do Over. Their team color is blue and their mascot is an enraged duck foaming from the bill. The team was formed in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1 and consisted of Heather, Jo, Vanessa, Beth, Katie, Sierra, Bridgette, Staci, Tyler, Harold, Owen, Noah and Shin. In Paintball Deer Hunter, Jo and Harold left the team and were exchanged for Alejandro and Duncan. The team was dismissed at the merge in Brunch Of Disgustingness. The remaining members at the time the team was dismissed were Owen, Geoff, Duncan, Alejandro, Noah, Abigail, Bridgette and Katie.

Assigned in Not So Happy Campers Part 2

After team swap in Paintball Deer Hunter

At the Merge in No Pain, No Game

Other Teams in Total Drama Island Do OverEdit

Rabid Ducks teammates
Alejandro | Abigail | Beth | Bridgette | Duncan | Geoff | Harold | Heather | Jo | Katie | Noah | Owen | Shin | Sierra | Staci | Tyler | Vanessa

Campers EliminatedEdit

Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Staci Female 15th 45th Not So Happy Campers Part 2 Staci's non stop chatter was agreeably the most annoying part of the team. Her team simply couldn't handle the annoyance. 
Tyler Male 14th 40th Not Quite Famous Tyler's yo-yo show humiliated his team. Heather knew that some people would vote for him so she did too. She also got her whole alliance to vote as well. Tyler was voted off.
Sierra Female RETURNS RETURNS The Sucky Outdoors Sierra defended Cody when a bear attacked her team's campsite. Sierra also was the one to bring Cody to the Duck's campsite. Sierra was beaten up badly by the bear. The bear died though. Sierra was eliminated anyway.
Vanessa Female 13th 31st Phobia Factor Vanessa angered her team when she mocked them for being unable to complete their fears, despite not completing her own fear. Her team had had enough.
Heather Female 12th 29th If You Can't Take The Heat... After blackmailing Abigail with her own diary for the past couple of episodes, Noah noticed this and learned of the blackmail. Noah found the diary and destroyed it, freeing Abigail from Heather. Everyone then knew at that point that Heather's own alliance had fallen apart and that she was vulnerable for elimination. They took that chance and voted her out.
Shin Male 11th 26th Who Can You Trust? Shin was originally supposed to stay and go on a date with Bridgette, Geoff's jealousy, fueled by Alejandro, drove him to rig the votes to eliminating Shin.
Beth Female 10th Basic Straining Beth had become suspicious of the love letters between Shin and Bridgette and how they were intercepted. Alejandro knew this and convinced the boys on his team that Beth was crazy and she wanted Geoff for herself. They believed him and voted Beth off in fear that she would do the same to them.
Katie Female 9th 23rd Brunch Of Disgustingness Chris was bringing Sierra back to the game and decided that he would swap Sierra with another player already in the game. Chris believed that there wasn't much of difference between Sierra and Katie so he swapped them. Katie was eliminated unfairly by being kidnapped while Sierra rejoined the game.
Owen Male 8th 22nd Brunch Of Disgustingness Alejandro was sick and tired of Owen coining the nickname "Al". Alejandro used some Fugu Blowfish to poison Owen's dish during the challenge. Needing a real hospital, and since the infirmary wasn't good enough, the only hospital was on the mainland. The only way to get there was through elimination.
Geoff Male 7th 21st Brunch Of Disgustingness After Owen was poisoned, Geoff aided him medically thanks to his lessons from Bridgette. Everyone saw him help Owen and knew that Owen would need a doctor on the Boat of Losers. Geoff was the closest they had to a doctor.
Bridgette Female 6th 19th No Pain, No Game Noah and Robert were both supposed to face elimination. But after Noah played an idol, and Robert used bribery, the two were safe and that left the other two with the second most amount of votes. Bridgette was one of these two.
Noah Male 5th 13th That's Off The Chain In a race where the last two to cross the finish line were eliminated, Noah sacrificed his place in the game by crossing after Abigail, securing her safety, but destroying his own. Instant elimination.
Duncan Male 4th 11th Hook, Line, And Screamer Was removed from the competition after the cops attended an elimination ceremony. They were updated on Duncan's juvie contract and saw his violations. Duncan was arrested for wielding a weapon menacingly on reality t.v.
Sierra Female 3rd 9th Wawanakwa Gone Wild Sierra decided to eliminate herself just as Alejandro was about to be sent home instead to be with Cody, who had just been voted off by Zoey, as she couldn't bear to play the game without him.
Abigail Female 2nd 5th Camp Castaways Abigail lost focus during a crucial time in a tiebreaker and lost to Alejandro after tying with him for attacking him due to witnessing him blackmailing Zoey and bullying DJ.
Alejandro Male 1st 3rd I Triple Dog Dare You Alejandro was dared to bobsled down "Mount Doomagedon" while wearing a tutu and lip balm. Although it initially seemed like he completed the dare, Chris eliminated him after pointing out that he failed to use the lip balm.

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